Blueprint Guides

Blueprint Guides

The Great Commission calls every Jesus follower to be a disciple maker (Matthew 28:18-20).

This is a weighty responsibility and a joyful calling given by a good God to His people. We get to be ambassadors of Jesus! Blueprint Guides are designed to help you walk in obedience to the Great Commission by providing you with a simple and accessible resource designed to help disciples take a next step of obedience and growth through the study of Scripture or a doctrinally sound book. Blueprint Guides always conclude with a session that challenges participants to look outward and help others grow. 

Blueprint Guides work within the six Pathway stages of the Discipleship Blueprint: Conversion, Submission, Devotion, Comprehension, Replication, Saturation.

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Blueprint Guides Explained


Conversion is the beginning of a disciple’s journey marked by gospel transformation.

Guide: What Is The Gospel?

Guide: Sharing The Gospel In Everyday Life

Guide: New Life In Jesus

Guide: Seeing Sin and Growing In Grace

Guide: Evangelism

Guide: Speaking The Gospel To The Head And The Heart


Submission is a stage in a disciple’s journey marked by deepening trust in God, God’s Word, and God-given authority structures.

Guide: Why Should I Be Baptized?

Guide: Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Guide: Making Disciples Of Jesus

Guide: Assurance Of Salvation

Guide: Church Membership

Guide: Cultivating Humility

Guide: Building A Foundation For Life With Jesus

Guide: Cultivating Generosity


Devotion is a stage in a disciple’s journey marked by a growing pursuit of God as their treasure. 

Guide: Treasuring God Through Worship And Awe

Guide: Family Discipleship

Guide: Love Your Church

Guide: Praying Scripture

Guide: Foundational Spiritual Disciplines

Guide: Studying and Interpreting God’s Word

Guide: Battling Busyness Through Devotion To Jesus

Guide: Developing a Biblical View of Marriage

Guide: Christ-Centered Marriage

Guide: Embracing Basic Doctrines Of The Faith


Comprehension is a stage in a disciple’s journey where the Word of God becomes alive and transformative, marked by an obedience that intersects every area of life. 

Guide: Inductive Bible Study

Guide: Core Doctrines for Life with Jesus Part 1

Guide: Core Doctrines for Life with Jesus Part 2

Guide: Exalting Jesus Through Spiritual Gifts

Guide: God, Marriage, and Family

Guide: When I Don’t Desire God


Replication is a stage in a disciple’s formation marked by the priority and pursuit of equipping others to grow and mature as both disciples and disciple-makers of Jesus by embracing His burden, message, invitation, commandment, and commission.

Guide: Intentional Disciple-Making

Guide: Developing a Disciple-Making Strategy

Guide: Pursuing Maturity As A Disciple Of Jesus

Guide: Discipling Others Through Times Of Difficulty

Guide: Growing In Replication As A Disciple Of Jesus


Saturation is a stage in a disciple’s journey where the gospel permeates every facet of life, shaping desires and actions to gospel congruence.

go Groups

Two of the aims of Go Groups are study and fellowship. 
Study Go Groups are devoted to biblical truth and doctrine, and Fellowship Go Groups take the truth of the Word into our relationships.

Guide: Go Groups Bible Study

Guide: Go Groups Fellowship