rejoice and stand firm

The letter to the Philippians is a beautiful exhortation– expressing joyful thanksgiving for what God has done and encouraging the church to rejoice and stand firm, contending in unity for the faith with one another. Paul and Timothy write to the church at Philippi for their edification, challenging them to walk according to their calling in Christ, pursue Christlike humility, and remain faithful as they await the return of their Savior.

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reading plan

Part 2 of our 2024 reading plan includes a weekly study component through the book of Philippians and a weekly reading component that walks through the New Testament, beginning with the gospel of John.



Behind the Message is a resource to help you apply truth and take next steps of obedience out of the previous Sunday’s sermon. BTM meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm downstairs. Or, check out the Behind the Message podcast wherever you get your podcasts by searching “tcbchurch.”


Commentaries are Bible reference tools that contain observations and explanations of biblical text. Use a commentary to aid your study of a passage, answer questions that arise during your own time of in-depth study, or to help remind you of primary themes throughout the book.


A study Bible is a helpful study tool that contains the full Bible text with additional resources such as tables, charts, articles, outlines, and book introductions, as well as brief commentary notes on many verses and passages.
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