Behind the Message

Behind the Message

Behind the Message

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Each week at Behind the Message we talk through Sunday’s sermon text utilizing three simple handles: Ponder, Pray, Practice. We meet on the lower level, first door on the right in the Kids Hall. This Week’s Handout

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the Podcast

The Behind the Message Podcast is a new resource to help us Ponder, Pray, and Practice the truths we’re studying from God’s Word. Whether you listen on your commute, while mowing, or watch as a conversation starter before dinner, the hope is to further normalize meditation and conversations around God’s truths in your families and Go Groups.
Video will be posted on YouTube and linked here. Audio is available wherever you get your podcasts (tcbchurch).



Join us as we read through the New Testament! View our reading plan and more resources below.