Connect To A Go Group!

Connect To A Go Group!

This is an exciting week for TCBC! I love the first few weeks of a new year, new semester, new month. I love the fresh start that these new points in time provide. I love the excitement around our church family coming back together after the holidays and reclaiming healthy rhythms and patterns of personal spiritual disciplines, corporate worship, family discipleship, and pursuing Christlikeness in community.

At TCBC, Go Groups are a vital component of these healthy pursuits, and this week is a great time to jump into one!  

But why? Why do I need to be part of a GO Group?

Go Groups are a group of disciples of Jesus led by a disciple-maker with an intentional plan to take a next step of growth toward Christlikeness, seeking to add what is missing, expand what is growing, and restore what is neglected. 

Let me break that definition down for you a little bit:

  • group – The Christian life was not meant to be lived alone. We were saved into a body, a people, to help build us up.
  • disciple-maker – A disciple-maker helps someone else follow Jesus. We all need examples, mentors, guides, teachers, helpers to pursue anything of real value, particularly discipleship.
  • intentional plan – We don’t just accidentally accomplish anything in life without intentionality. We need plans to help us get to where we want to go. We make plans for retirement, exercise, healthy eating, etc. Pursuing spiritual maturity is no different – we grow best when we pursue an intentional plan designed to help us grow.
  • a next step – There are so many ways I need to grow, so many things that don’t look like Jesus in my life. Honestly, if I think about them all, it’s overwhelming. Go Groups help us focus on a few tangible next steps in pursuit of maturity. 
  • Christlikeness – Go Groups are great places to connect to people and find belonging, but that’s not the only nor ultimate goal. Disciples of Jesus follow Jesus and become more like Jesus, and our pursuit of spiritual growth doesn’t  until we reach the full stature of Christ.
  • add, expand, restore – Few of us intentionally stop or don’t start practices that we know are good for us. Sometimes that drift or neglect just kinda happens. Faithful Jesus followers consistently seek to pursue practices or disciplines that help make us more like Him. We need others to help us remain faithful.

At Tri-Cities we facilitate three different types of Go Groups centered around the aims of Study, Fellowship, and Serve. I want to specifically call you to consider your current practices of Bible study and help you jump into a Go Group to begin studying with others this Sunday.

This Sunday we are launching 6 Go Groups at 9:30 and 4 at 11:00. Most of these groups will last for 9 weeks. Some are studies using a book of the Bible to help us grow while some are studies utilizing a Blueprint Guide to focus on a specific area of growth like family discipleship or trusting God’s Word. 

Visit to view a list of all the GO Groups launching this Sunday morning and to register.

I have a few final challenges to help you maximize the opportunity these new Go Groups provide:

  1. Learn, think, and pray about the different options and choose one based on what helps you or someone else you know grow.
  2. Commit to try to put into practice the pursuits the leaders we’ll hold out to you.
  3. Invite and take someone else with you. 
  4. Approach the group as equipping you to apply or do something in your own spiritual walk but also to invest that learning into the life of another disciple. 

Wes Tucker

Elder / Connections Pastor

Wes Tucker serves on staff as our Connections Pastor. He served in various leadership roles for six years at TCBC before coming on staff in the fall of 2013. He earned a Master of Arts in Church Ministries degree through The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary while participating in Cohort 1 of the Tri-Cities Leadership Training Program. Wes and his wife Jennifer have four children: Cameron, Grayson, Hayden, and Caroline.