GO, No Cape Wearing Super-Christians Are Coming

GO, No Cape Wearing Super-Christians Are Coming

Years ago I found myself teaching a course at a seminary in Southeast Asia. While there I planned to connect with a few IMB missionaries. I was early for our meeting so I waited at a table in the corner. I remember almost being nervous as I waited. These were the real deal, IMB missionaries in a life-threatening environment. They had to sacrifice many basic comforts and faced persecution, yet bravely shared Jesus to whole communities who had never before heard His name.

I expected someone between Billy Graham and Superman; at least a cape. However, in walked three ordinary men (although one was seemingly a giant in the context of Southeast Asia). As we talked and spent time together over the next few weeks I began to realize each of these men had glaring weaknesses in competency, fears, and even sin. Don’t read this wrong, these men are champions in the faith. However, they had not arrived. They were not wearing capes! They were unable to convert an extreme Muslim in a single sentence. They were ordinary people with worries, struggles, and weaknesses. They were like me.

The fact is, super-Christians don’t exist!

Perhaps you are like me and grew up with exaggerated, naïve ideas about pastors, missionaries, and their wives. I thought of them as the super-Christian heroes. It was subtle. I mean, I never sat around as a teenager specifically thinking it through, it just happened, building over time until it became part of my worldview.

Consequently, it became easy to slip into the false practice of relying on the cape-wearing super-Christians to do the real ministry. After all, I thought the real ministry, the big stuff, the exotic stuff was done by the super-Christians, not normal Christians like me. 

First, this unbiblical view caused me to excuse myself out of my responsibility. The ministry I put off on the super-Christians was really mine to do. Second, it caused me to overvalue exotic (abnormal to my circumstances and culture) ministries and undervalue the present ministry opportunities God had given me.

I pray you will not be victims of these lies. Understand, those in roles of church leadership were put there by God to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Eph. 4).  Meaning, the work is yours to do. And the work that is present for you today, sharing the Gospel with a coworker, discipling your child, serving the widow down the street, leading a Go Group at Equip is just as real, life-changing, and valuable as the seemingly exotic things.

So wherever you are right now, GO share the Gospel, make disciples, and serve your brothers and sisters in Christ. No cape wearing super-Christian is coming!

And if you need help getting started, consider using a Blueprint Guide or connecting with a table at Equip, every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Daniel Broyles

Elder / Lead Pastor

Daniel Broyles has served as the Leadership Pastor and Elder at Tri-Cities Baptist Church since 2012. He is married to his wife Amy and they have a daughter named Lena.