Meet Cameron Tucker

Meet Cameron Tucker

My name is Cameron Tucker. My family and I have been attending TCBC since 2009. When my family first began to get involved at Tri-Cities, I got put into the blue group at Awana – led by David Brewer. I was shell-shocked. I never wanted to be in a big room full of kids my age, all running around and acting up (because what kind of kid thinks that sort of thing is fun anyway?) It wasn’t until I started middle school, when, totally against my will, Chase Bartlett forced me out of my shell by pulling me into a card game while on my first mission trip. I hated every second of it at the time, but I can look back and point to that moment as the time that God began to use members of TCBC to mature me into who I am today.

 Student ministry introduced me to many of the godly mentors that helped shape me as a Jesus follower very early on. Men like Christopher Matthews, Thadd Slaughter, John Cabaniss, and Jim Thompson very patiently taught me and the rest of my group to value God’s Word and how to read and study it with a passion to know and love God for Who He has revealed Himself to be. Josh Sanders taught me how to serve the church and what leadership looked like first-handl.

I met my best friend in the faith, Greyson Nave, while serving at TCBC. He continues to be a major influence and encouragement in my life. I watched as my dad became a better father and husband due to the many who invested in him, which he then faithfully handed to me and my brothers and sister. I also met my wife, Abby, while at a student ministry event during my freshman year of high school. Many of our friends and fellow members have poured into us and our marriage; teaching me how to love her as Christ loves the Church and how to lead her in worship so that she may be presented to Jesus as a mature believer when our days are over. I have served on staff as a part of our stewardship team and have benefitted from the investment of brothers and sisters like Gene Mermilliod, Lisa Ferguson, and Daniel Broyles.

The men and women mentioned above are people whom I consider to be my heroes of the faith. I share all of this with you to make it evident to you that without their example of faithfulness to Jesus, I wouldn’t know how to be. In the coming years, I hope to be able to serve TCBC as our Stewardship Pastor in a way that will reinvest all of this effort that was poured out for me with the goal of presenting this body of believers as mature before the Lord. Whether in difficult days of suffering or in happy days of rest, I will consider it my utmost privilege to teach, care for, admonish, encourage, train, shepherd, and help the brothers and sisters of this family of faith. 

All of that being said, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me via the information on the church website. Abby and I would love to get to know you if we don’t already!

Cameron Tucker

Elder / Stewardship Pastor

Cameron has been with TCBC since 2009. He and his wife Abby married in 2021 and Cameron currently serves as our Stewardship Pastor..