Prepare To Gather

Prepare To Gather

Because we exist for Him, Jesus followers gather with others for worship. We gather to celebrate the greatness and grace of God in Jesus Christ, to experience His unique presence in our midst, and to demonstrate that we belong to something bigger than ourselves: the Body of Christ. But gathering to worship is more than just being present in a room with other Jesus followers. It is intentional, active practice to worship, respond, sacrifice, and give.

We have the honor and responsibility to meet together and encourage one another as the day of the Lord draws near (Hebrews 10:25).

As we enter into a busy season of holidays and winter weather, make it a priority to gather with your church family each week, and to not do so haphazardly or unintentionally. Do not let other activities or commitments rise above the priority of the gathering in your family’s life. Do not let distractions or Sunday morning mishaps keep you from gathering. Do not let the stress and consistent urgency of life overwhelm your mind and heart as you walk into church on a Sunday morning. Instead, be intentional to gather.

Each Saturday, our team sends out a resource called “Prepare to Gather” to help you do just that: to spend an intentional moment to ready your heart and mind to gather to worship with your church family. Read the message text, ponder the meditation questions and prompts, pray using the guided points, and then practice a faithful pursuit of gathering.

Take a few minutes before bed on Saturday night, at Sunday breakfast, or even in the car on the way to church to pause, purpose your heart to worship, and prepare to gather. Get the “Prepare to Gather” resource from the TCBC app (or use the notification on Saturday!) or at

We will see you on Sunday!

Daniel Broyles

Elder / Pastor Teaching/Vision

Daniel Broyles has served as the Leadership Pastor and Elder at Tri-Cities Baptist Church since 2012. He is married to his wife Amy and they have a daughter named Lena.